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You are not alone, if you are afflicted by arthritis. Arthritis is the major cause of disability that affects more than 40 million Americans. Individuals age 50 and older are most susceptible to arthritis, but people that are younger can also be potential casualties. The feet are more vulnerable than other elements of the body because each foot has 33 joints which are subjected to the weight-bearing of the body weight. Arthritic feet result in poorer standard of living, and a loss of independence and freedom, and could be debilitating. In some cases it might be massive. You will find many treatment choices to take it it into remission or control, although there is absolutely no cure for arthritis. Therapy and early detection can help slow its progression. It can be time to step ahead of arthritis by pursuing remedy, if you are experiencing this condition.

Description of arthritis: It's among the body's normal reactions to trauma or disorder that results in swelling, tightness and pain. The joints most frequently affected by arthritis in the foot have been in the great toe shared, midfoot, hindfoot (heel-bone, and interior and outer mid-foot bone), and rearfoot.

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Common types of arthritis:

Degenerative arthritis happens in the majority of cases and is described as "wear-and-tear arthritis." It typically develops gradually with age and occurs during midlife. It can additionally it present it self in a individual and may happen as a result of an injury. Symptoms include swelling in the joint, rigidity, inflammation and pain, difficulty walking, bending the joint, or bearing fat. Osteophytes also can form at the combined causing calluses or sores. When the feet start to ache and throb, painfulness is more noticeable at the end of the evening or night.

Atrophic arthritis is the most significant form of arthritis and can be an ailment that is crippling. It is a system-wide disorder that can cause irritation that is persistent in over several locations. Chronic irritation in the joint liner enhances the destruction of cartilage and bone. It frequently comes up in a symmetrical pattern, like in both index and both shins fingers. It's more prevalent in girls than men. The precise cause is not known, but it is considered to be associated with a faulty defense system. Often, an infection or ecological condition activates the genes, as well as the immune system begins to generate materials that attack the joint places. Symptoms appear as feet deformities including unusually large metatarsal heads (bony tissues that join to the feet), clawtoes, ulcers, or nodules. The ankle could have a restricted range of movement coupled with pain and redness.

Post-traumatic arthritis can form from an injury to the feet. It can take years to create much like degenerative arthritis. Fractures, sprains or ligament tears may leave joints shaky, causing the erosion of the cartilage and combined breakdown. Even treated joints are not unlikely to become arthritic. Signs are rigidity and reduced redness, pain and tenderness, and movement. Walking, standing may be difficult.

Nonsurgical treatment choices include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs immobilization in casts or detachable boots, custom made orthotics, anti-inflammatory physical therapy, weight control, canes or walkers, pain killer, shoes that are alternative, workout as well as steroid shots.

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Surgery is a possible alternative for end-stage arthritis when nonsurgical treatments never have worked. Your foot and ankle surgeon will select the sort of surgery which is most beneficial for you. The types of surgical procedure performed include arthroscopic debridement, fusion (arthrodesis), or joint replacement (arthroplasty), and arthrodiastasis (external fixator to keep joint movement, right position, and conserve toe span).

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