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Dr. Stuart Mogul is an internationally recognized foot surgeon/ podiatrist who partakes in a private practice on the New York Upper East Side. Dr. Mogul has successfully performed over 10,000 foot surgeries. He is particularly in demand as "the" big apple sports related foot injury surgeon "and "the" bunions removal surgeon" as a result of his use of minimally invasive surgical techniques in addition to "the" NYC cosmetic foot surgeon who creates gorgeous feet.

Dr. Mogul's Practice Philosophy is Simple: He provides his patients with one of the most advanced foot surgery procedures that are minimally invasive, have an uncomplicated and quick recovery, with results that are beautiful and incomparable!

Dr. Mogul offers full outside of network insurance benefits (we will contact your insurance agency and submit your claim for you). You will enjoy the high-end and benefit of academic medicine in a top rated concierge environment without the problem of lengthy hospital waiting room times and administration. Most policies reimburse patients for the majority of the cost of their foot surgery. Our surgical coordinator will help you with an an estimate.

Dr. Mogul takes a compassionate approach to every patient and provides them with detailed relevant information about their condition, expected outcomes and all treatment possibilities including non-operative and surgical solutions. He quickly relieves pain, restores function and returns patients to their regular activities as early as possible. For over thirty+ years, Dr. Mogul has provided tailored, comprehensive care to thousands of happy patients and families, from professional athletes on the field to employees in the work environment and adolescents. Dr. Mogul uses the most recent techniques in minimally invasive surgery for the correction of foot disorders and aberrations.

Dr. Mogul is a nationally identified foot surgeon/ podiatrist. He practices without the limitations mandated by in-network insurance participation and offers extended time, customized attention and empathetic proficiency.

If you have a question about whether your foot problem needs to have surgical treatment, you can schedule a second option consultation with the doctor by phoning his Upper East Side NYC foot surgery practice.

The most common foot surgeries that Dr. Mogul executes include:

Bunion Surgery: Bunions may be corrected by the New York City foot surgeon with conservative treatments or surgery. If the conservative treatment fails to diminish the bunion/ bunions pain, then the surgeon may recommend "bunionectomy", surgical elimination of a bunion. The main objective of the bunion surgery is to remove unpleasant deformities, restore regular bone alignment, and stop recurrence.

Hammertoe Surgery: Usually when the hammertoe has become rigid and uncomfortable, or when an open sore or corn has appeared, hammertoe surgery is required. Often patients with hammertoe(s) who have bunions or other foot deformities elect surgical correction concurrently. In selecting the procedure or combination of procedures for your particular case, Dr. Mogul will take note of the extent of your foot deformity, the number of toes involved, your age, your activity level, and other factors.

Hallux Rigidus: Surgery for Osteoarthritis of the great toe joint or "hallux rigidus" is a common procedure performed by Dr. Stuart Mogul. Arthritis at the bottom of the big toe is called "hallux rigidus". This condition commonly affects professional athletes due to repeated trauma or non-athletes or that have a foot structure that predisposes them to developing hallux rigidus. Hallux rigidus may be confused as a bunion, nevertheless it is an arthritic problem not a misalignment deformity like a bunion.

Corn Surgery: If Corns are left without treatment, they can become very painful and may interrupt the blood supply to the area and trigger an ulcer. It is recommended that people with diabetes are regularly screened and treated accordingly to avoid the development of corns that can cause ulcerations. Surgical treatment for this condition corresponds to the surgical correction for hammertoes. Surgery to correct soft corns can possibly be performed in the doctor's Upper East Side New York City office or in an outpatient surgery center. A local anesthetic suffices for corn surgery in most cases.

Surgery is only thought about after conservative management including stretching, orthotics, exercise and shoe modification has been exhausted or deemed inappropriate. If you unsure if foot surgery is the most suitable option for you please book a 2nd opinion consultation with the top rated NYC foot surgeon, Dr. Stuart Mogul.

Dr. Mogul performs foot surgery on patients not only from around the New York City area, but from around the United States and the world; if you are an out of state client please follow this link for more information: foot surgery patients traveling to New York City.

For info on Stuart Mogul NYC you can shoot over here

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